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5 Images That May Actually be Porno’s from Childhood Cartoons

Friday, December 21st, 2012 by

Did you know that there have been children’s cartoons that had a tendency to insert inappropriate imageries. Images that even adults would be offended by. What’s NOT known is that many of these were discarded shots from actual pornographic films produced by Disney and many others. Here are 5 examples, with their original titles and storylines.


1. From: “Blue Balled Donald”


The Plot: Donald watches Daisy across the room getting dressed, unaware of his presence. She puts on her regular outfit: a lavender dress that curiously stops above her waist, high heels and no pants. Donald finds himself unable to control his excitement. Not wanting to alert her to his presence, Donald carefully tries to hide his erection under the blanket.

2. From: “He-Man Introduces Himself to the Neighborhood”


The Plot: Creepy. He-Man’s a sicko and consequently is forced to introduce himself to all his neighbors. In the process, he befriends all their children – he is charismatic, after all – and the cycle continues. The film is actually eight hours long.

3. From: “The Care Bears Wild Ride”


The Plot: Three Care Bears get high and blow each other in their cloud cars. Pretty straightforward, really.

4. From: “The Little Mermaid”


The Plot: After coming into contact with a human being, a mermaid named Ariel decides to run away from her father and will stop at nothing until she has the man she desires. Ariel and Eric, the young man she lusts for, are then married by an aroused priest.

5. From: “Gus’ First Anal Beads”


The Plot: Three hours of a mouse inserting and removing anal beads for the entertainment of Cinderella, who has informed him that this is the only way he’ll ever see cheese, and his family, again.


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